Student Corner

Formula Sheet

Formula 1

Formula 2

5 th sem syllabus Mechanical

Formula 2

3rd Sem Computer Syllabus

3rd Sem CIVIL Syllabus

3rd Sem-IT syllabus

3rd Sem E&tc Syllabus.

M-2 Complex Numbers-Electronics and Telecommunication-Electrical

3rd Sem Mechanical syllabus

M-2 Probability distribution-Mech and Auto

M-2 Numerical Methods-COMP and IT

IT-BEL-chapter 4

Comp-BEL-chapter 4

M-II Basic Notes

IT-BEL (ch 3) Q Bank Answers

COMP-BEL (ch 3) Q Bank Answers

M-2 Basic Note -2

Entc-BEL-chapter 4

M-2 basic notes- Part 3

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