Derivative Formulae Competition

Hello Friends,

Abhijit Bhandarkar here,
From Last Year, We are in regular update with you.

From Last 12 years, Bhandarkar Academy is continuously trying to develop the Personality of Students along with Academics by Experimenting with their Intellectuality.

To develop interest in Academic Subjects, by use of Video Library, Micro-Notes, Writing practice, learn difficult formulae in Rhythmic way, these activities help students, they are enjoying these process which helps to build their career.

From Last 7 years, Bhandarkar Academy(Pariwar) celebrates ‘12 Jan-Yuvak din’ / Youth Day (Swami Vivekananda Jayanti) by conducting Cycle Rally, Study tour, Speech Competition, Vivekananda Pictorial Exhibition.
We all believe in Student’s Power = Nation’s Power & to enhance this , we are conducting a competition to Learn the difficult Formulae in Rhythmic and Simple way.
This generation is very Technosavy, they are so much addicted to Mobile & Computers, & we can’t deny it so We decided to change this habit by accepting it in positive & smart manner and for this I need Parents Support & Student’s support also.
This help to build their confidence and to set a milestone for upcoming Students.

HOW To Participate?
Students have to recite all formulae without seeing in continuous manner & in Rhythmic way and have a Video-Shoot of it & send it on our Whatsapp No-92269-26296.

1st Winner :-2000 Rs.

2nd Winner :-1500 Rs.

3rd Winner :-1000 Rs.

And 5 Students will get Consolation prize.

This Competition is Voluntary.

This is our Pure intention, that now we can use Technology in proper manner. This helps students to increase memorize technique, stage-daring, Body language, & Professional approach towards their career.

This is a unique methodology to study.
So Let’s participate.

I believe, we will definitely get the response from all of you. By taking such activities, most of time we succeed, but if we failed, we come back again by learning from our mistakes with proper analysis. This helps us in our process.

We believe on UBUNTU (African Phase-We All, leads to Success)

So let’s join, this competition.

Those who are not our regular Students, can also participate.

Last Date:-5th Jan

Prize distribution: – 12th Jan.

We also arrange Vivekananda Pictorial Exhibition on 12th Jan-2020.
So please Do come…

Our Youtube Video

Thanking You ​​
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​TEAM BHANDARKAR

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